Micro Trend

There are 2 types of analysis currently provided – historical data based on days of the week and based on the month of the year. To provide accurate metrics there were 2 different approaches used.

Trend by days of the week

It is important to acknowledge that days of the week metrics are based on candle count, not candle profit/loss percentage, thus i.e. 2 green candle Fridays and 1 red Friday will indicate Friday as a bullish day regardless of the volume (even if 1 red candle volume is greater than the combination of all green).

Trend by months – grouped by the market type

The same as in ‘Trend by days of the week’ metrics are based on the count of positive and negative months. No profits and losses were included to calculate the outcome.

Trend by months – for individual assets

When it comes to monthly data of individual assets it is presented from the profit and loss percentage base for a particular month. So unlike ‘Trend by months – grouped by the market type’ the volume is the main indicator.

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