All the math you need in the stock market you get in the fourth grade.”  – Peter Lynch

It is all about probabilities. With unique metrics provided for selected assets, you can better plan and find your own trading and investment strategies.

Over 200 types of assets analysed

Analyze stocks, indices, futures, cryptos, and forex. Find the patterns and understand how do they take place.

Regular Updates

Regular updates of existing patterns and assets size.

Custom-built tools

All the statistics provided on this site are a result of the thorough research carried out with the use of custom-built tools and unique techniques of market analysis.

Market metrics

If you ever wondered what is the probability of filling the candle gap, how long it will take to fill the gap, and what are the maximum retracement movements before the gap is closed, don’t try to guess. Here you will find full insight into probabilities of selected assets.

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I am the software developer and the market researcher


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